DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! The Adult Dating Scam That Can Set an Example

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If you are looking into an example of how fake adult dating sites work, with you have come across a blatant and a classic way of learning the hard lesson. By overcharging your card, using fake photos that do not represent real people and admitting that they do, changing the applicable subscription rates by renewing for the closet plan in case of a  rate change, you are nowhere near a real hookup date or finding a pure app.


In case you haven’t noticed by yourself, ADP is here to open your eyes. is a part of the No Strings Attached adult dating sites, which include other fake domains and hookup websites. They use bombastic numbers and fake stories of daters, such as:

  • Owning a database of over 250,000 videos
  • Over 3,670 webcasts
  • Over ten thousand members at any given location
  • Advice and info by other users, polls and end\ganging voice in a community
  • Topical interest groups for meeting similar people
  • Confessions of a serial adult dating blogger

Why is an Illegit Sex Dating Site

What comes out when the truth is revealed though – is something totally different and something you won’t like a bit. For example, you must know that the NSA network uses a number of associated sites which share the database and which jeopardize your privacy by doing so. The front page contains some of the other hookup sites connected with and NSA.

Social Sex network other sites

Social Sex Network has not only one of the most expensive subscription packages all over the sex dating network, but they also charge extra fees. For reference to their basic packages, see the relevant section below. For the additional fees, here is a selection of appropriate quotes explaining what falls on customer’s behalf for bank payments:

  • Subscription Fees. Certain Services are subject to subscription fees (“Subscription Fees”). These Subscription Fees are provided to you upon registration and may change from time to time…
  • Other Fees. Certain other Services may require you to make one-time payments or prepay certain amounts for credits, tokens, digital items or goods which may be redeemed solely for specified Services (“Credits”).
  • Usage Fees. Certain Services may require a sufficient balance of funds in your Account against which usage or similar fees (e.g., pay per minute or pay per view) may be charged.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees. We may use credit card processors or banks outside the United States to process your transactions…
  • Promotional Credits. You expressly acknowledge that any promotion that provides points, pre-recorded shows, or similar credits or benefits (collectively, “Promotional Credits”).

Renewals are organized in an arbitrary way. renews your membership automatically. This is not unusual, as many false hookup sites, as well as other companies, use this trick to keep users for longer. The problem here is that you will need to pay the closest applicable membership when the rate changes without giving your approval:

Such renewals shall be (i) for a period equivalent to the period of your initial subscription to the Services or a shorter period of time if specified, and (ii) in our discretion, at the price of the same or comparable Services then in effect.

Price Tag

  • 1-month fee is $29.95
  • 3-month fee is $59.95
  • 6-month fee is $161.10

Additional premium services may cost you:

  • 1-month fee is $19.95
  • 3-month fee is $35.90
  • 6-month fee is $107.40

Busted or Trusted?

Social Sex Network is obviously not a genuine dating site. Legit dating sites and the best hookup apps don’t use so limited privacy in the member’s area and among the customers, and don’t charge so much money from poor newbies who don’t notice that they are being scammed because they are too horny. Watch out when clicking on links – it is particularly risky!

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