It should not be a surprise that people lie on their online dating profiles. They can even call these small lies marketing! Truth be told, both men and women tell white lies when they meet for the first time for a real hookup.

So I guess that the online dating world is not that much different. But it does open some new avenues as lies are more difficult to detect if you keep the communication only online.

Also, women lie a bit differently than men, or for different reasons. However, as a general rule, the lies told are about the same.

Read below to find out which are the most common lies used on dating profiles. This will help you manage expectations and don’t get too disappointed down the line when the real date needs to happen.


Typically, both men and women lie about the way they look. There is a slight difference, though. Men lie about their height.

It seems that every guy out there likes to add on a few inches! When inches are in question, guys may lie about the size of their penis, which is not a good tactic, if you ask me, but hey – it works for some guys, so who am I to decide for them?

Girls lie about their weight and about their bust size. A larger cup is usually more attractive, so this is one of the most common lies on hookup sites. Especially if the dating profile includes a special line about the bust size, you can expect a lot of C+ cups there.

2.Wealth & Status.

Usually a guy’s deal, women also tell lies about money. Almost anyone joining a dating site brags too much about their financial status. Who can blame them, when money makes the world go round? Many people think that they are more attractive in this way. However, when the truth gets out, someone will be in for a nasty surprise.

What will happen if the other party suggests meeting up in place you cannot afford? You will have to think of a new lie to cover up the first one and that is not a good road to take on a casual sex site.

3.Interesting job.

Putting it out there that you are an accountant is not the greatest viagra in the whole world. But how does a film director sound? Or the owner of a famous magazine? Or an alpinist? They sure do sound thrilling and will attract a lot of attention on casual dating sites. Hookup sites are primarily for fun. Handling your taxes is not the greatest fun in the world, but hanging around celebrities can sure be a honey for the flies. I guess that is why so many people like to paint a false picture of themselves by giving a more intriguing job title.


When you read someone’s age on their profile, always add on between 3-5 years more. At least that is the average range for tweaking up the real age, as far as the age is in question.

There are some people, women especially, who say that they are 10 or even 15 years younger than they really are, and with all that lights and makeup on photos, it is difficult to tell the difference.

However, what will happen when the chick shows up in person and you see all her wrinkles and loose skin? I bet that is not a bonus factor to your hard-on.

5.Relationships Status.

Many people register on hookup sites just to get laid and have few nights for fun. The convenience of dating sites makes it easy for people to hide what is their real relationship status.

Sometimes, honestly, no one really cares, but if you want to keep it straightforward and only like hooking up with single people, do the work ahead and investigate a bit about the person to see if he or she is telling the truth.

As you can see, the virtual dating world in no different to the real dating world. People are people and will lie whenever you put them. At least you now know that everyone is playing a game and that you should stay out of it if you really want to have sex. All those lies are not that helpful and can worsen the situation, once they are into the open.

Without being too dramatic, long-lasting erections are not only a myth. Even if you don’t last for a full-night marathon, there are things you can do take it to the next level and become that stud that just nails it every time for a while longer.

There are moments that can make a casual hookup stressful, such as meeting with a person for the first time and suffering performance anxiety. Although it can’t happen to anyone, when you hit a (not so) hard spot, just thinking about it negatively can add on the poor experience.It is always worth checking iti with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions.

If you keep in mind these tips, you will develop ways to deal with your erection that can ease up the tension and make you a great performer each time you land a new one night stand on a site for casual dating.


1.Train your mind.

Do not think about what will happen and how will your erection look like, how long will it last and will it be sufficient. Focus on the present moment and on the sex partner. Leave past experiences to rest and stop fearing that this time will be a repetition of a past failure.

The point that you are dating new people you have met online on a hookup site will just provide a fresh opportunity to try yourself with someone new. Never act in haste. Take it slow. Speed can only worsen the duration. If you get too hard in a rush, you can easily lose the hard-on and don’t end up where you wanted to. In the end, confidence is the key.

Think of yourself as that hot, great guy who is an awesome performer in bed. Where the mind goes, the actions are easier to follow.

2.Technique counts.

Do not listen to those advisors that say the technique is not important for great sex. Actually, practice makes perfect and if you take your time to develop lovemaking tricks in which you are good at and leave aside others which are not your forte, you will improve and polish your skills in no time.

Regardless of what you make your specialty, some things regularly produce good results. For example – foreplay. Concentrate on foreplay for a slow-burning evening and a long-lasting erection. It not only keeps your girl aroused, but it also makes you last longer. Many guys are in a rush when they get a sex date – why is this so? Enjoy it deliberately and leave her ask for more.

And – when it is time for the first casual sex date, keep it simple – you don’t need to get too acrobatic and lose your erection.


You can improve your communication skills by more socializing. That is something to do when you are overthrown by erection anxiety. It will help with the bad feeling and will give you a chance to build your confidence out of bed so that you use it in bed.

However, the most important thing is to keep the communication lines open during the sex. Sometimes, the girl can be very helpful and make it all easier for you. If you think about the what to talk about, why don’t you start by telling her what turns you on? Then, you can take it further by going kinky and using a dirty language.

Break a taboo, and you may just break that erection threshold.

4. Add up to your routine.

Experiments are always exciting, they bring novelty and get you out of the stalemate. If you keep doing the same things in bed, you will get too comfortable and your sex life will get boring. Your erection will suffer and your one-night stands will be disappointed.

Experiment by flirting with strangers. It helps you get out of the rut, boosts confidence and aids to your sex flirt arsenal.

5.Take care of your body.

There are more ways to keep up in great shape and help your body be your best tool for great sex performance in bed. It is like a machine, so it needs the right fuel, the right maintenance, and keeping it rest for a while. If you smoke or drink too much, you are already putting yourself into a low-performance mode. Your body will use its strength to fight the cigarettes or the alcohol instead of using it for prolonging your sex date.

Leave out masturbation for a while. Even better, leave out all sex aside. Take longer breaks between your hookup dates.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of working out. Pumping up oxygen is beneficial for you body in many ways. Also, as you build some muscle, you will also build confidence.

If you keep your focus on the above techniques, it will not be too long before you find yourself performing better, longer and, in general, be more positive and satisfied with your sex life.

It is almost funny how guys have no idea of what to wear on casual sex dates. Some of you may have a natural sense of what looks good on you on a date night. Others have done their homework and the results are obvious.

But, many guys are clueless and really end up looking like a crapload of laughs when they show up for a date. And trust me, that is not the effect you want to produce when you are looking to get laid.

Here is How to Dress for Success

Girls base their opinion about a guy on the choice of clothes, so you don’t like ending up looking like a hobo if you want to get laid. But, you also don’t like ending up looking stiff – keep the stiffness for bed. To make an impression good enough for casual sex, keep the dress code casual, too.

date night


There is a lot of truth to the saying “dress to impress”. A poor choice of clothes can be a deal-breaker, even if you are the hottest and the funniest guy in the world. So pay attention to what you wear when you go out. Prepare some simple combos ahead, so that you don’t spend that much time thinking when the date night approaches and you need to think of other things.

Here is what you should choose to put on you if you want to end up with a night of awesome sex. (Basically, it is pretty simple, but many guys still get it wrong).

Prepare a Nice Shirt and Jeans Combo

Keep it free of shabby t-shirts or, even worse – hoodies. A nice collared shirt in a simple style will always nail the casual style. You want to stay away from weird designs, colors and prints. You absolutely don’t want to look like an irresponsible trump. Keep it serious, but not too serious. That is the fine line between casual and corporate. If you end up looking like you are going for a business meeting, you may end up the night without getting what you came for.

Put on simple, classic dark denim jeans. They look decent with any type or color of the shirt. Then it will be easy to throw some spice into the mix by adding an accessory. But, as far as the jeans are concerned –  don’t go overboard. Dark and simple does it.

Invest in Shoes

I’ve heard that girls make the initial screening of a guy on the basis of the shoes he is wearing. Don’t think that if they are down there, no one sees them. Believe me when I tell you that any girl will throw a look at what’s on your feet. Toss the sneakers and the sandals. A pair of laid-back suede shoes with laces will go nicely with the shirt and jeans combo and can pull the date all the way from a cocktail bar to a nightclub. It doesn’t get less simple than that. Don’t be a spendthrift when it comes to shoes. It gives a very poor stamp on an overall good look, even if you have chosen an expensive shirt and casual pants.

Use Smart Accessories

A classy watch is a nice addition to a sleek shirt and jeans combo. You should stay away from heavy gold chains. No one wants to date Snoop Dogg. If you wear a simple necklace that is meaningful to you, that is fine, but keep away from heavy jewelry or you will end up looking like a thug. Pay attention to your socks, too. Lux shoes look even nicer with a cleverly chosen pair. If you are confident, you can play with the colorful socks. If you want to keep it simple, make sure that they are clean, at least. That goes for your underwear, too. Boxer briefs are many girls’ preferred choice.

Take notice of the tips above and you shouldn’t have any problems. Here is an extra tip from me for crisis situations – black is the color of power, so when you are clueless of what to wear, just throw that on. For less formal occasions, a navy shirt will do just fine. White shirts with rolled-up sleeves are most girl’s favorites and work great in summer.

I keep hearing nagging complaints from some guys. They seem to be able to make great first contact with many girls, but when the time comes to get them to bed someone else picks up the cherry. They end up in the friend zone or get “friend-zoned”.

They don’t seem to get why is this happening. They take off to a good start and even become friends with the girls. But all they wanted in the first place was sex and not a new buddy.

Although it is true that girls like nice guys (yes, that is true, despite the common opinion that they date assholes) there are some tricks that many guys don’t seem to notice. They keep repeating the same mistakes.

.friend-zoned again

Think You’ve Been “Friend-zoned”? It’s Time for a Wakeup Call

First, let me put it loud and clear – there is no such thing as the “friend zone”. If you are becoming someone’s friend with the intention to get laid, most girls will notice. You should be someone’s friend only if you want to stay a friend!

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with getting close to a hot girl and then wanting to take it further. But – and this is a big “but” – if you got into the chat with the motive to get laid and then pull up a nasty act once you get rejected, you won’t get that many chances for casual sex.

If you manipulate your expectations, you will most likely get  – “friend-zoned”. Girls are not going to look for you to get laid.

Here is another wakeup call for you. If you have different interest than those of your “friend” why do keep contacting that same girl? It is a hundred times better to cut it off on time. Go search for what you want on greener pastures.

Girls like getting laid for fun just as guys do, but they don’t like doing it with guys who fake what they are up to.

Being Genuine Doesn’t Mean Being an Asshole

Most guys who end up in the friend zone are the so-called “nice guys”. And this is often the reason why they don’t get laid as much as they want to.  Again, I don’t want to be misunderstood – I don’t vote for becoming a reckless person who takes care only of his own interests.

However, being nice is a trap. No one is nice all the time. Be authentic and get out of that friend zone. You have to be able to stand up for yourself. You need to be clear about what is acceptable to you and what is not. Don’t be the punching bag. Stop saying yes to everything. Trust me – that is not how you are going to get laid!

Show a strong sense of personal boundaries. Show some teeth to a girl, and she will instantly find you way more attractive than she did.  This is how you get out of the friend zone and get into a girl’s bed.

How Adult Dating Sites Can Help You

You have to know the fine line between being nice and being a mush. If you stay in the zone for too long, are you hoping for a miracle? Do you think you’ll get a 180-degree turnaround of the situation? That is possible, but it is much wiser to keep your stud charms for where they actually work – with hotties that will show interest.

Adult hookup sites are awesome for men who often end up in the friend zone. The purpose of joining is clear and straightforward. Everyone there is looking for the same thing.

And when you get that there is plenty of fish to choose from, you will stop wasting your time on false friends and start investing it in where it really pays off.

Getting all revved up on a camera is one of the best experiences a guy can have in his sex life. The reasons for that are plenty. While I am sure you can use your imagination to think of some of the reasons yourself, I am also positive that you will agree with mine, too. If you play your cards right, there is no chance that you won’t turn the video sex into an amazing success.

Basic Tips to Follow in Naked Video Chat Rooms

I am quickly sharing these important tips so that you avoid doing them because of inexperience. Just keep up with this basic etiquette and you won’t miss.

naked video

  • Be polite with members. Pay attention to the others, check out the atmosphere and see how you fit in the overall setting
  • Be courteous and don’t use capital letters. Capital letters are interpreted as shouting, and no one wants to communicate with angry guys that shout.
  • Communicate with a balance, be responsive, but don’t flood. When someone sends a text, text back. When someone doesn’t reply to you, stop – don’t flood their inbox with messages.

Just follow these basic tips and you will be able to handle any video experience with confidence.

Why is Naked Video Dating So Amazing

As far as the reasons for naked video dating  – here is a list of top seven reasons you should keep in mind:

1.Check Out Before Checkout

In a naked video chat, you don’t need to go all in. Instead of a full date night, you can see what the person has to offer first. In this way, you are keeping disappointment possibilities up to a minimum. When you check out a person in a chat room, you know exactly what you are up against when the chance for a night out presents itself.

2.Explore an Alternative VR Fantasy

The latest virtual reality cameras offer a quick escape into an alternate reality which can be better even from your wildest fantasy. If you get that inspire fantasies.

3.It’s Relaxed & Convenient

Wouldn’t you like chatting with someone from your own home? It’s comfortable and convenient. It’s quick and sexy. Can you imagine what it feels like to get to video chat with a naked girl who is pleasing herself? And you have just met her? I can think of any other experience that can top up video chats in the nude in terms of convenience.

4.Girls Love Showing Off on Camera

This is no complicated – most girls absolutely adore getting naked on camera. Just as they post countless selfies – they like to keep it in motion, too. This is why videos are even better. I know that getting the real date has its benefits. But, the all girl masturbation fantasy on camera just makes it more awesome.

5.Faster Connecting

Connections via video rooms on hookup sites are much easier. You can roll out more chats at once and play it with more than one girl at a time, This just makes it more fun than meeting with only one girl in person. Video-chatting with several girls just adds up to the thrill. This is how you can get a surge of dates in a short time.

6.Guaranteed Orgasms

In real dates, it often takes some effort for everyone to get off. In the case of naked video chats, everyone is responsible for their own orgasm. Not having to deal with the accompanying activities – cuddling and small-talk that comes after a typical sex date night is amazing – you get the high of the experience without unnecessary effort.

7.You Get the Good Without the Bad

In a video chat rooms, there are no STDs or pregnancy risks. No one likes going for a night of great fun and coming back with crotch critters. The sex is still great, but you leave the ugly stuff out of the equation.

I am sure you like the above list even more than I do, because it can be a nice surprise for you. There you have it – if you had some doubts about the possibilities of naked video dating, now we took them out!

If you’ve never been good at casual dating, this article will be a perfect chance to start anew. You must be one of those types with vivid imagination and picture all the things that could go wrong. You may start thinking about the girl you meet and what will happen if she is super-hot or vice versa. How will you handle the situation if she isn’t really your type and you can’t find your way out?

Don’t think you are losing your confidence! Having a preference is a good thing. You know what you want on one hand and you don’t just jump into every opportunity way too soon.

When you get more into the game you’ll get even better. You can work on some communication tricks and get to the nail the casual chick more than one time. However, there is always something to learn something to get even better.

  1. Be open.

Yep, it’s casual, but you will do the best if you keep your cards open. The relationship may be non-serious and non-exclusive, but when you are open to exploring, let your dates and prospects know what you want. Be straightforward that you are looking for NSA dates and let them know that you like to see where things go. Don’t be shy about sharing your truth. You’ll be far better for it. If you’ve just got out of a long-term relationship or if you only want relaxed dates, it’s all the same.

  1. Don’t just date one person.

Don’t focus on just one person. It’s not a wise idea if you are looking to develop a steady list of booty calls. It’s not enough to say that you’re light and breezy. The other party can quickly get into a romantic story and that’s not something that you want when you are not into something serious. If the girl gets that you are exclusive, you are no longer on the same ground. Just keep more than one person in the mix if you don’t like to have problems. Just remain out there in the open.

  1. Stay away from just one type.

It’s legit to go for one type. But it doesn’t have to be dating just blonde or just BBW or mature women. Just go for your type from time to time and keep your options open for different types. In fact, if you go back to your past dates, you’ll notice that there have been different types and that you didn’t have such a poor time. Start thinking about dating gym girls or girls with a sense of humor and you’ll just have a sense of revelation.

  1. Don’t just ditch your dates because they’re casual.

A casual date may grow important on your booty call list. If the first date goes well, you may not only end up with a string of supersexy random encounters, but also be able to learn more things that you’ve never thought you could learn from casual dating, such as getting into the club of the moment or an exclusive pass for a new event. Just don’t get too comfortable and start sharing deep secrets, because things can swiftly turn sour for both of you. Keep your distance relevant.

  1. Don’t share your casual hookup life with your married friends

Don’t sway from your convictions and don’t let your married couples dump their interpretations on you. Behind good intentions, married people can be condescending instead of being of help or act as real friends. You should listen to no one about successful online dating unless they’ve been through the same hell and heaven and walked the same road. Married people have a sort of a contra stance against fresh possibilities and they may not have your best interest at heart even if they think they do.

Being single is awesome and you don’t have to even be a constant casual dating fan. Most people will envy your independence. You’ll just have way more possibilities of having more fun and just live life to the fullest. Meeting new women for fun and learning just how great casual dating can give a special allure to life. You won’t be sorry that you went for it, especially if you keep these tips in mind.