The Most Accurate Complaints We’ve Heard About

Finding a new rich resource for dating black people is awesome. What’s not so spectacular, though, is finding out that the offer is a full-blown scam. deploys all scam techniques used by the average false hookup site and wraps them up in a nice package for black people. However, complaints do pile up and reach the right ears. This is the same as ever with our sex dating reviews – the poor reputation of is biting its tail.

Authenticity promises many wonderful results in multiple dating niches. It is like you are going to end up with the prize, regardless of the intention you have set in your dating life. All types of relationships are accepted in, including casual dates, one night stands and all sorts of NSA dating. However, problems arise along with the number of users who have tried to join in. More people means more traffic and faster scam unveiling. Here is the first and the biggest problem on – the Miss Black is actually a fantasy profile:

Mr and Miss Black fantasy cuties

Why is Only Another Casual Hookups Scam

When you get into an arrangement with anyone, you would like to have a clean state of the affairs, wouldn’t you? Random changes are just an invitation for manipulation. No one likes to hang out with a manipulator, and when the transaction includes a hookup site where the exchange risks are bigger, the scam is really nasty. The policy changes are an indicator of how genuine an adult dating business is. When they are performed on a whim, it is clear that you are dealing with a fraud:

Mr and Miss Black changes to PP

Chatting With Fantasy Profiles That Leads Nowhere is fabricating profiles and calls them Fantasy Profiles. Whether they are real people who are working as company employees or just computer-generated bots is not really obvious, although Mrs and Miss Black gives a hint in the site documents that they use software to trick you. What’s clear, is that you are getting no guarantees for getting laid here. Even if you receive messages, you should be clear that they will never turn into dates.

Mr and Miss Black fantasy cuties 2

Token Payments for IMs an SMS Internal Systems

A very serious problem connected with is the cost issue. The problem becomes evident when you get past the first obstacle of free membership promised on the home page and end up on an upgrade page. You must upgrade to be able to actively search for dates. However, that is not the full scope of the scam. Evidently, you will not communicate via your regular phone because of security reasons. uses an internal messaging system. They state it is not commercial by nature:

Mr and Miss Black SMS tokens

But – wait, there is a twist: they state that the “Company” does not charge for the SMS, but there are in any case paid. The only explanation for this fraud is that they use a third party provider to handle the payment. This cunning way of getting money out of its users has really been a subject of many complaints associated with

Mr and Miss Black SMS

The same deceptive story continues with the program for instant messaging as well. That is yet another method for getting money out of your pocket and ripping you off exponentially. Not only will you need to pay for the basic subscription, but you will also need to pay for extra communication services for an adult dating site that works with fantasy profiles:

Mr and Miss Black token costs

Price Tag

  • 1 month of site membership is $29.95
  • 3 months of site membership is $49.90
  • 6 months of site membership is $59.95

Busted or Trusted?

This is not the first time we are meeting with fantasy profiles. Having in mind the practice of deceitful adult dating businesses, it might not be the last, too. If more complaints about gather, they may ruin their fraudulent business along with the poor reputation they are starting to gain. This review might be one step forward to the successful unveiling of the real truth behind this fake hookup website.

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