How the Worst Scam of All Time Could Have Been Prevented

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Addiction can be a sweet thing but only if you are addicted to something healthy. Unfortunately, most addictions result in poor consequences> So, even if I advise that you have a healthy addiction to hot milfs I don’t recommend meeting your desires on The only thing you are going to get addicted on is checking your bank statement to see if you have been ripped off.


This is an adult dating website that belongs to the classic scam with fantasy cuties and overcharged subscriptions that just sell you extra services that you don’t need. You have to agree to the fantasy cuties at registration. Another trick pulled by the creators is putting a ticking timer on the landing page so that users hurry up and join as soon as possible. No worries to hurry – the site is not free anyway, a fact which will become obvious when you enter your data.

Why is a Deceitful Dating Website

So what is the deceit prank made by Have a look at the key arguments below:

  • This site uses Fantasy Cuties.

Fantasy Cuties are fabricated profiles. If you check the regulations in the Terms and Conditions, you will learn the truth behind these fake profiles in more detail, but you don’t need to go that far. If you scroll over the warning on the opening screen, you will get the explanation in short. However, that is nearly not enough. The details are in the documents, and those include entertainment purposes, monitoring activities and sending automated messages. They are definitely not real people, regardless of the fact that they can be employees or computer bots, so don’t get your hopes too high that you will find a real date. The fantasy cuties are marked with yellow stars.

Milf Addicts fantasy cuties

  • We have collected more than a dozen poor reviews from sites with a tradition.

Nothing speaks scam better than when a group of people says it. Here are just a few examples of sources that do reviews of online dating sites – and they all agree that is a poor site that uses fraud to take in new users. Let’s look at the quotes from the sources:

#1 Review

We are always a little suspicious when one site has a dozen different names but we continued with our review. It didn’t take long for us to regret our decision.”

#2 Review Isn’t A Real Dating ServiceTo Meet Milf Women. It’s All 100% Fake From Start To Finish. Our Review Explains It In Crystal Clear Detail.”

#2 Review

When signing up for MilfAddicts based on my experience it’s easy to see that is not legit. Actually, acts more like a cam site … within a few minutes, it’s easy to grasp the concept. Whereas with MilfAddicts it would be in your best interests to read their terms and conditions where section 4. states the following:”,

#3 Review

  • “All The Profiles Are Deceptive Illusionary “Fantasy Cutie” Profiles cutie_star
  • Deceptive Fictitious Emails Sent To Us Were Generated By Computer Bots
  • Deceptive Fictitious Instant Messages Sent To Us Were Generated By Computer Bots
  • Deceptive Text Messages Sent To Us Were Generated By Computer Bots
  • Employees Are Trained And Paid To Lie To MilfAddicts Members 

#4 Review = Video Review take this tour on the link to see video evidence of all arguments used here.

 Price Tag

  • The discount charge is €69.90 for 180 days.
  • Monthly renewable membership is €29.97 every 1 month until cancellation

Milf Addicts upgrades

Busted or Trusted is a master of deception, and although it is not original, it can dupe you to provide your card details if you are not familiar with the classic conning methods. The best practice to follow to avoid the scam that has happened to so many is to stay away from it for good. If you decide to test it – you are on your own!

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