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Some of the websites I review on daily basis have been simple and clear. You find only one type of service, and even if they try to pull the wool over your eyes, you will still uncover everything there is to know about them in a number of minutes. Other sites, such as Girl Directory, the escort agency directory that’s on today’s agenda is a total chaos. As a directory, you can’t really say where is the greatest risk. Follow my tour of this site to see how to save your ass and get out without scratches.

Guide to Escort Agencies

Hey – don’t hope to find hookups here! There are all sorts of sex contacts, but definitely not the one you’re here for. So, don’t waste time looking for adult dating resources, when all you can find are links to various escort sites and a bunch of paid sex contractors, including independent models and agencies from around the globe.  

Independent Contractors

Maybe Girl Directory is so crowded because anyone can post content here and advertise their offer. It’s impossible to get the hang of everything that’s happening in this mix of things.  It’s like a forum or a social media channel without any rules. The site is painfully slow to load and doesn’t apply any security methods.

Mix of Services

Girl Directory tours

Agencies come from all over the world. Really, all destinations are included. You can find agencies from the U.S., from Canada, Europe, and Australia. There are also city-based escort agencies, such as those related to London and New York. That’s expected from cities with millions of residents. But under no circumstances, you’ll find dating opportunities!

Crowded Forum

I tried to see what’s going on with the forum, see the number of members, active topics or forum rules. I just couldn’t log in because of the website speed and all the rubbish content posted from everywhere!

Call Girl Tours

As a hook for new members, the site posts ads about call girl tours, marketing their visits to various locations, typically in the same area or nearby towns. Imagine what could happen if you try to use a search filter in your own location and find a girl that’s actually charging for sex!

Empty FAQs Section

Nothing to find here! Full-blown emptiness!

Conclusion: Girl Directory is No Good!

You can take all the time in the world to find free casual dates, but that won’t happen on this website. You will find thousands of paid call girls, that’s for sure!

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