What’s Going On with FilipinoCupid.com and Its Dating Features?

FilipinoCupid.com says that it’s not at all a bridal service. You shouldn’t expect such services here, in particular, if you come from a country that prohibits such dating sites. There is a point here, but why is then the service making a database for specific regions? We don’t see the possibilities of enhancing dating prospects. The only thing that comes to mind is related to the same tricks typical for companies with duplicated websites. It seems that we are dealing with the same here.

Why is FilipinoCupid.com a Flakey Dating Service?

This FilipinoCupid.com review is not the single or the first one from the ‘Cupid’ network. So far, we’ve reviewed several other examples with the similar purpose, such as CarribbeanCupid.com and ChnCupid. Judging by the names, you get the idea where the members should come from. However, it’s almost impossible to organize the things as the main company proclaims, Let’s see where are the biggest problems.

Dozens of Regional ‘Cupid’ Networks 

Here are the multiple websites that belong to the same network. As you can see, there is no rule how is the membership divided across regions. In fact, these domains are like randomly assigned just to create the illusion that there are so many options from just the region you are looking for. FilipinoCupid.com is just the same as any other of the other services from this list. The only difference is that it has pictures of Filipino girls.

No Checkups for Real Profiles

There is no guarantee that all profiles on FilipinoCupid.com are legit. The site doesn’t provide assurance. And how can it, when it uses staff profiles and third-party contractors to support the site administration! Your inbox will be full of messages. Some of them will be promotional, but most of them will be sent by these staff contractors. They do what they do best – trick new users into thinking that they actually have a chance to get a date!

Promotional Mail to Activate Services

It’s not important that you won’t be able to date safely and securely. The bigger problem is that you’ll be frustrated from the level of promotional content that doesn’t look like it has your best interests at heart. As we mentioned, you’ll get a bunch of emails from the staff profiles that create the impression of you being wanted by many Filipino girls. Namely, the site is not for bridal services, but the testimonials say the contrary. Since you won’t spend anything for the free registration, you won’t even get the right to reply back until you pay a lot!

 Price Tag

  • 1-Month basic subscription = $24.98
  • 3-Month basic subscription = $49.99
  • 6 Month basic subscription = $74.98
  • 12-Month basic subscription = $99.98

Busted or Trusted?

Unless you are really gullible and believe that this type of service is possible, you won’t waste much of your time here. But if you really like taking risks, then you might want to decide and give it a go. Who knows, you may even find a real Filipino girl among the fake staff profiles and get lucky!

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