DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! Has Some Features You Need to Be Wary About

   no comments   ReviewsScams seems like a good place to find various people for dating from all over the world. There are some real people and genuine profiles, but the big problem of this dating website is its super expensive membership package and the diverse ways it’s setting you up to pay more. Apart from that, it has some interesting moments that relate to multiple forum and communication features.

Authenticity of the Datehookup Site

As mentioned, the forums are pretty active and include dozens of posts on adult dating topics. People really love to talk here and you will have many questions answered. Unfortunately, that won’t be for free, as the prices for the services are quite high. You will see that in the Price Tag section. But, what about the fact that says it’s free? Well, perhaps that is how they got their fan base. With “free” promises. In the next section, you’ll see why it is all talk and no action.

Why is a Suspicious Looking Site

Watch out for the following raw deals:

Cancel Promotions or You Are Baked

If you don’t want to pay all those fees for VIP memberships, buy extra tokens and get automatic renewals, it’s best if you pay attention to the promotions offered on Sometimes, you get a discount only to become aware that you will need to pay for that later in the extended offer.

VIP Memberships & Other Payments to Keep an Eye On

VIP memberships are necessary to be able to use the site properly. For example, you can’t chat with members unless you buy a bunch of the pricey tokens. If you don’t pay, the only place where you will have some fun is by reading the posts on the forum: is Operated in a Large Network

Previously we have posted reviews that belong to the network of You won’t need too much focus to understand that you are dealing with a repetitive offer. The different hookup sites refer to different dating niches. The same methods for the same audience. They all use tokens and extra packages that just require more money.

Price Tag


  • $9.99 for 280 tokens
  • $3.99 for 100 tokens
  • $0.99 for 25 tokens

Special services:

  • $4.49 per week for best-value 6-month package
  • $3.75 per week for standard 6-month package
  • $7.49 per week for full-price 1-month package

Busted or Trusted?

You can for sure find real profiles of various users on And that means that you can score. Now, whether you want to pay the price for the services is a totally different question. Some people decide to go for it. Others know that not everything is about the money. So, take a guess which group is smarter?

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