Can You Find a Hookup Date on Let’s See What’s Tricky About It!

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For avid hookup fans, the FFN is not a big surprise. You probably know a bit about it already and can even share some bits and pieces that we have never heard of. The FFN group has dozens of websites with diverse sub-memberships that use specific filters to create a dating audience, such as the spicy “X” network or the location-specific Asian friend finder. They all incorporate the same dating model and they don’t shy away from charging expensive memberships with alternative privileges. This site, called, is not much different than the rest, but it includes a few design and visual specifics that make it one-of-a-kind.

Why is a Suspicious Dating Site

When you start making your profile on, you won’t notice anything suspicious. It looks just like a normal dating site. In fact, it seems that it is offering even more than the average dating site because it represents profiles of female members on the front page. They look like real women with details about nicknames, age, and location. Who’s not to like such explicit information right from the start? But things get out of the closet once you start digging deeper. So – what seems to be the problem with

Extra Fees for Various Transactions 

Here we face with the most serious issue on, as well as the additional hookup sites on the FFN network. Most members think that they’re only going to pay for the main subscription. If you think that, you haven’t read the provision of the Terms and Conditions that include the transactional fees. The user needs to pay the currency exchange fees with foreign financial institutions, tackle the transaction fees which are something like a banking fee, as well as pay any small charges to their accounts. Such small charges include periods of inactivation and the payments for the promotional credits. The user loses those if he doesn’t deploy them in the relevant membership period.

Annoying Electronic Communications

The second biggest problem on is the existence of electronic communications. You must agree to receive them as you register to become a member. Now, the annoying campaigns, promotional emails, and sales tricks can be a nuisance, but they don’t make the whole body of the problem. The point is that dating websites use electronic communications to send fake messages from fake profiles, nudging users to purchase credits and pricier subscriptions. Although doesn’t explicitly admit the application of make-believe profiles, we have our reasons to think that not everything is clear. How about the fake photos used on the front page?

Price Tag

Silver membership
  • $22.94 for a one-month membership
  • $39.94 for a 3-month membership
  • $99.94 for a 12-month membership
Gold membership
  • $34.94 for a one-month membership
  • $59.94 for a 3-month membership
  • $139.94 for a 12-month membership

Busted or Trusted?

If finding a date on one of the FFN websites was so easy, they wouldn’t use dozens of additional services to get more members into the sack. What works, works always. You know the drill – sites that work with success spread their own good voice. There is no need for extra marketing tricks because users do that by following the word-of-mouth principle. We have no great reason to think that your dating life will go up in the sky from You are, of course, free to make your own decision.

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