Why AnastasiaBeauties.com and AnastasiaDate.com Are Just One and The Same Site

Is this really the place to get to meet cute and sexy Russian girls? Everyone knows the beauty of these women, but AnastasiaBeauties.com is just a copy of AnastasiaDate.com with just the slightest changes made, including few frontpage pictures and some features and descriptions. In fact, if you look at the details, you will notice they display the same name. Regardless of which details are similar and which are different, the place is a fake hookup site and you are not doing yourself a favor by joining the site.

Authenticity of Anastasiabeauties

Obviously, there is no word of authenticity on AnastasiaBeauties.com and that becomes a fact right from the start. The pictures of the stunning girls look amazing, but they are not truthful. So many men go for that beauty and keep falling into the same traps of commercial dating sites. These sites just keep selling services across a network attracting users with the lovely photos and promising nothing.

Why is AnastasiaBeauties.com a Fake Place for Hookup Personals

No place which promises beauty in all kinds and in spades is reliable. Have you seen a place where everyone is beautiful to be a model? It’s true that there are places where actual current members vote to accept new users on the basis of their looks, but AnastasiaBeauties is no such place, nor it is an English gentlemen club where you get in by approval.

Female Members Have the Privilege of Opting Out at Any Moment

That’s right – female members fall into a totally different category of users. The general rules on AnastasiaBeauties.com do not apply to them. They can join and leave as they please. Where does this leave you as a male member? You start chatting with one of those beauties and suddenly realize that off she goes to Neverland. You lose your credits and have no right to a refund or to get them back in any other way. So, female members can be just a trick. And, if they scam you, you can’t do anything else but report the fake profiles to the site. Your money will not be back to you. You can say goodbye to it!

Anastasiabeauties terms

Affiliate Hookup Sites Share Your Details

As you can notice from the above sections, AnastasiaBeauties.com is not left to its own devices to pull off the “beautiful women” scam and works in a network. Partners, suppliers, and affiliates help the hookup site handle all cheeky details. You should be aware that you become a commodity for many other websites and that your data will be visible all over the place. What that means for your privacy, it is up to you to tell. However, I don’t think many of you will like having personal details spread all over the web where anyone can find them.

Anastasiabeauties website terms

Third-party Suppliers Mess Up the Service Standards

Don’t expect the same level of responsibility for the rest of the content if you read the Terms of Service applicable here. They don’t work in the same way for the rest of the service contributors to AnastasiaBeauties.com. In reference to third-party suppliers, please check the conditions that apply independently. There is no way of working around them if you don’t check them as thorough and as often as you do when you buy a piece of tech equipment.

Price Tag

  • Credit system based on prices between 40 cents to 80 cents per credit
  • $4 for email reading.

Busted or Trusted?

I always approach sites with exotic promises with caution. I know just a bit too much to be able to give a second thought about trusting them with my money. As you can see, they will charge you ridiculously-expensive subscriptions and sell you credits for messaging which can go way over the average monthly subscriptions for adult dating sites. Just watch out whenever you see the impossible guarantees of dating gorgeus women who can leave the chat whenever they want. Where they are from is not that important!

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